Here you can find some info about this collective, just in case you were wondering.


So, how exactly did I start running fanlistings? Well, to tell the truth, I never thought I'd ever run a fanlisting. I knew they existed, but that was all. I came across thefanlistings.org for the first time when I was around 12 years old (so I'd say around 2003). Back then, my layouts and my English weren't that good, so I couldn't really run a fanlisting.

It was only some years later, around 2005, that I started thinking of running my own fanlistings - and it was thanks to my two best friends, Mao and Onda, who at the time started running fanlistings for their favourite animanga, Inuyasha. I remember I was a bit reluctant at first and I was really nervous when I applied for a fanlisting for the first time, but they supported me and so I did it. I will be forever grateful to them for all their help and support. ♥ My first fanlistings were approved by the Physical Fanlistings Network, which now is closed.

Reflection was born as my collective, because I didn't have a domain back then. I was hosted by the same host of my friends, but unfortunately, the site we were hosted on closed after some months with little to no warning. I lost my files (though I had them all backed up on my computer), but, more importantly, I lost the database that was extremely important for fanlistings. After a month or so, I decided to finally get a domain, which I had been wanting for a while. So I ended up getting a domain (its old name was Eternal Paradise), but I liked the name of the collective too much to just let it go and decided to use it for my fanlisting collective instead.

However, I had to leave the wonderful world of fanlistings, because my domain had suddenly expired with, again, no warning. I was really sad to let the domain and my little fanlistings go, but in the meantime school was also eating all of my free time, so I figured I couldn't have worked much on those projects even if I did get a new domain. So, I quite literally abandoned the fanlistings world, thinking that I might never come back to it.

It was only around summer 2009 that coming back to web-designing and site-making was possible. In fact, as an 18th birthday present, I asked my father if we could register a new domain, remembering how the old one had expired. He agreed and, around August 2009, my new domain, Eternal Wings, was born. I was really happy to have a domain again - a place where I can show my passion for web-designing, as well as other hobbies. As soon as the domain was born, I started thinking that maybe I could bring my fanlisting collective back again and go back to the fanlistings world, which I had left for about 4 long years. And this is pretty much how I got back to taking care of fanlistings for subjects that I love dearly. ♥


Why Reflection? Honestly, I don't think I have a proper explanation for the name. One day I was looking through my fandoms and noticed a good number of them were connected to reflections somehow (both in mirrors and water). I really like the word and the concept, so I used it. And I still love this name. ♥


I'm very proud of this layout, it came out even better than I had imagined. Maron (from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne) is a character that is connected to the name of the domain, and in this picture, she's also connected to the name of the fanlisting collective - pretty fitting, isn't it? So I just had to use her for the new layout. The picture of Maron looking into the water and seeing Jeanne really grasps the concept of the collective. Not to mention the lyrics, taken by one of my favourite Disney movies, Mulan. 'Who is that girl I see staring back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don't know?' and the final lyrics, which are featured both at the top and at the end of the collective, 'When will my reflection show who I am inside?'. To be honest, I think everything in this layout fits together quite perfectly and beautifully.

past layouts

Version 1
It was very clear to me how I wanted the first layout to be. The two images you see of Sora - they're my absolute favourites, so I just had to use them. Plus, it think it fits with the name of the collective. We have KH!Sora and KHII!Sora, but the two pictures are very similar to one another and they give me a sense of tranquility. So we have Sora and his reflection of who he was before. It's a very simple layout, but I think it's really nice. ♥