The Fly is the first Clow Card captured using Sakura's sealing wand (Episode 1 in the anime). It has since become Sakura's most used card. When activated it adds large wings to the end of the sealing wand that allow Sakura (and at least one passenger) to fly. After its transformation into a Sakura Card, Sakura is able to use Fly's wings herself (they grow out of her back), allowing her to keep the sealing wand free to use with other cards. This event occurred when Eriol possessed a teddy bear and expanded it to great heights, and Sakura needed to use both Fly and Sword to defeat it.

In the anime, Fly is captured using Windy. In the manga however, Windy's powers are ineffective towards the Fly. Cerberus says it's because the Fly is a card based off of Windy's magic. Failing her first attempt to capture the Fly, Sakura returned home. That night Fly came to Sakura in a dream (which is the first demonstration of Sakura's premonition abilities) in which the Fly was badly injured. After her dream, Sakura takes her second attempt to capture the Fly. There, Sakura realized that her dream was true, and noticed that the Fly wasn't an aggressive card, but was scared because of its wound. Sakura used the Jump, to reach the Fly, and hugged it to calm it down. Fly then came to Sakura willingly.

Fly is transformed in Episode 51 of the anime. This event happened as stated above when Eriol possessed a teddy bear and expanded it to great heights to terrorize Yue which resulted in Sakura needing to use both the Fly and Sword to defeat it. Asking the Fly card to help her find another way to defeat the bear, the Fly's wings, which originally sprouted from her wand, from this point onward, sprouted form Sakura's back. Thus giving her a greater flexibility with her magic, as she can now use the Fly in combination with any of her other cards.

In Episode 55, there is a blooper that shows the Fly card being transformed for a second time, though this may be a result of Sakura being within the story of Alice in Wonderland.

In the second movie, Fly is one of the remaining five cards that Sakura has in her possession, and the third one that she uses against the Nothing. Sakura uses Fly to chase the Nothing around the amusement park, but when she and the Nothing directly confronts each other, the Nothing easily steals Fly from Sakura, leaving Sakura with only two cards left - the Shield and the Nameless Card.

Fly resembles a giant white bird with a long neck and short beak. It is under Windy.

The Fly appears in the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle manga, during the Reckord arc, being ridden by Miyuki-chan (from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland) using Sakura's first staff.

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