I am badly addicted to you

Howdy! It looks like you've somehow stumbled upon To Fangirl, a simple page where webmistress Chibi shows the world what she's a fan of. This joined page was formally named Addicted. You are currently viewing version 2, which features part of the main cast of the TV show Gossip Girl.

The strange name of this joined page simply comes from the fact that Chibi, due to the fact that she has many fandoms and that she's also a bit crazy, has transformed over the years the word fangirl into a verb. So, basically, this page shows all the stuff she 'fangirls' about.

Please note: I have joined about 300 fanlistings when I used Enthusiast. Now I have changed script and I'm slowly re-adding them all. If you don't see the button of your fanlisting, do not fear, it will be added as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience. :)

To Fangirl © Chibi. Part of Reflection & The Endless Sky Network.
Gossip Girl & all its characters © Cecily von Ziegesar & The CW.
No copyright infringement intended.
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