• You must be a fan of Moulin Rouge, obviously.
  • You must have a valid e-mail andress.
  • You don't need to have a website. However, if you want it to be listed here, you must put in your webpage a code with a link to A Boy & A Song.
  • NO direct linking! Upload the codes to your own server, please.
  • Please put the code up before you join the fanlisting, so I'll be sure to find it. You can put the code in a different page called 'Joined' or something of the sort, but please, make it visible. If I can't find your code anywhere, your site won't be listed.
  • Hentai, commercial, hating/offensive sites (or anything of the sort) will not be listed. However, you will still be added to the list.
  • Please, use a real nickname and don't use StIcKy CaPs, or numbers, or symbols, otherwise I'll have to edit your nick.

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