Robert Downey Jr.


It might seem like a strange name at first. Since I adore this actor so much, I had to come up with a name that would fit him well. A couple of names came to my mind, but I thought they only fitted his physical appearance. I know this is Robert's physical fanlisting, but when you think of him, you do think that he's a good-looking man, but there's more to it. Robert has got such a fantastic personality that comes out bit by bit in his interviews, which are a pleasure to see and listen to. I wanted the name of this fanlisting to refer to both his physical appearance and Robert as a person (even though I don't know him personally, of course, my opinions are just based on the interviews I saw about him). That's when it hit me - I had to fuse two words in order to achieve this. So I fused the two words that I think fit Robert the most and that also have a similar sound - handsome and awesome. At first I thought of 'handwesome', but it felt like something was still missing. That's where I decided to put '(awe)' in it. Because that's the cue word - awe. I am always awe-struck when it comes to Robert - whether it may be for his physical appearance, or his amazing skills as an actor/musician. So we have 'handsome', that refers to Robert's physical appearance, 'awesome', which refers to Robert's personality/skills, and the little word 'awe' in the middle, which can refer to both. A fanlisting for such a peculiar actor as Robert deserves a peculiar name as well, don't you think?

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