Sofa is the wonderful opening theme of the xxxHOLiC: Shunmuki OVA. It's sung by the talented Suga Shikao, who has already sang other songs for xxxHOLiC, such as '19sai' and 'Sanagi'. It's a very relaxing song with good lyrics that fit the series. I fell in love with it immediately after I first listened to it. Its rhythm makes you want to sing along with it and it's a really refreshing change for an opening, since other openings are usually fast-paced.

Mado no nai mukai no koujou ga kisetsu ni kankei naku
hikui oto wo tatete ite boku wa itsumo
sekai no doko ni ite mo sono oto ga surunda to
atarimae ni omotteta sou shinjiteta

My baby kimi ga inai yoru atarimae ni kimi ga ita SOFA
baby kimi ga inai heya nanda ka yosoiki no kao wo shite iru

Kumo ga boku kara tsuki no hikari sae ubau to
Jidouhan baiki no kirekaketa akari dake ga
Mabuta ni boutto yakitsuite maru de yakouchuu mitai
Omoidasou to suru to mou soko ni inai

My baby boku no heya ni kyou mo yoru ga kita to iu koto wa
baby kimi ni mo kitto onaji iro de chigau yoru ga kita ndarou

Mado kara mieru itsutsu me no gaitou
Itsu no ma ni ka kirete shimattandarou
Kimi ga kakaeteta kanashimi ni akari wo
Hitotsu kurai tomoseta kana

My baby furikaetta nda kimi ga soko ni iru you na ki ga shite
baby kimi ga suki datta KONFUREEKU to SUUPU ga korogatteru

My baby kimi ga inai yoru atarimae ni kimi ga ita SOFA
baby kimi ga shita de arou DORAMA no rokuga ga hajimatteru

English Translation
The windowless workshop at the other side of the street
Makes a noise that has nothing to do with the seasons
I thought it was natural
To always hear that noise, wherever I was
That's what I used to believe

My baby, you're not here tonight, you'd normally be on the sofa
Baby, you're not in this room which expects to receive someone

The clouds steal even the moonlight from me
The half-lit lights of the vending machine
Are the only things that burn my eyelids
Like a phosphorescent insect...
When I try to save them in my memory, they disappear

My baby, night has once again arrived at my room, which means
Baby, that a night of the same color must have arrived at you too, though it's a different one

From my window I see five lanterns on the street
From one moment to another they turned off
Maybe they lit at least a single light in the sadness you carried with you

My baby, I turned around, and had the impression you were there
Baby, the corn flakes and soup that you like have spilled

My baby, you're not here tonight, you'd normally be on the sofa
Baby, you better come downstairs, your soap opera is about to start

My Baby © Chibi. Part of Reflection & The Endless Sky Network.
xxxHOLiC & all its characters © CLAMP.
No copyright infringement intended.
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