Sayonara Solitaire is the wonderful ending theme of the anime Chrno Crusade, sung by the talented Chiba Saeko. I fell in love with this song as soon as I listened to it. It starts off as a quiet song, full of sadness and melancholy; then, as it goes on, it slowly gains energy and strength, releasing them in the chorus of the song. It's a really touching song, not only for its melody, but for its lyrics as well. It always manages to bring a few tears in my eyes. (And, if you listen to it while/after watching the ending of Chrno Crusade, it creates such an atmosphere that it really makes you cry - at least, that's what I think.)

Lyrics English Translation
daisuki to omou kara ne
kizutsuitari tomadottari
tsumetai hoho o yoseatte
kokoro ga umareta

itsu mo ima sugu ni aitai

mukuchi ni naru hodo suki yo
yasashisa doushitara mieru no
dakishimete motto tsuyoku
atataka na mune o shinjiru yo
sayonara SORITIA
ashita e

chiisana watashi dakara
zenbu demo tarinai yo ne
nani mo kakusanaide
anata ni agetai

mada shiroi yoake o miokutte

konna ni daiji na hito ni
doushite meguriaeta no to
itai hodo tsunagu yubi de
sabishisa kienu yume o miru no
sayonara SORITIA

mou hitori ja nai kara
ashita mezameru no
anata to

daisuki na hito dakara ne
soba ni iru mamotteru
anata e tsunagaru daichi ni
umerete yokatta
It's because I love you so much
That I hurt you, that I'm so confused
Coming close to your cold cheek,
my soul was born

I always want to see you right away

I love you so much I can't speak,
How will you see my kindness?
Hold me tighter,
I believe in your warm heart
Farewell, solitaire,
To tomorrow...

Because I'm so small,
I give everything, but it's not enough
This hand, which can't hide anything at all,
I want to give to you

We still have to see off the white dawn

Why was I able to run across
Someone this important?
Holding on to these fingers that they almost hurt,
I see the dream that had disappeared into sadness
Farewell, solitaire

Because I'm no longer alone,
Tomorrow awakens,
With you...

Because I have someone whom I love so much,
I'm here by your side, protecting you
I'm so glad that I was born on this earth
That connects me to you

No Longer Alone © Chibi & Mao. Part of Reflection, Seasons & The Endless Sky Network.
Chrno Crusade & all its characters © Daisuke Moriyama.
No copyright infringement intended.
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